Lyn is the mom of Candy Cutlery. She first came up with the desire to make edible utensils in 2016 and has since stood her grounds on showing the World an alternative to plastic utensils. She brings with her, a wealth of sales experience, having worked with brands such as Adidas and Reebok. She is often described as a passionate and enthusiastic gal who loves to read comic books in her spare time.


Dan is the backbone of Candy Cutlery. He deals with all our accounting and business ops behind the scenes. Having started and run a previous Startup, Habitee’s, Dan brings with him the determination and mindset to initiate conversations on real world-issues when running a business. He is often described as “quiet until you get to know him.” When he is not working out, he can be found playing NHL on Playstation, or cooking up ramen.


Liyan is the brain behind the products. She is a food scientist from the University of Guelph with a diverse background in the food industry, having worked with companies such as Mondelez International, Chatime Canada, McDonald’s, Loblaws, Sobey’s, and McCain’s. She is often described as an energetic, optimistic, and cheerful gal with a big imagination. When she is not eating, she can be found watching food shows or exploring in different cities.